Donate pet food

When families in your community experience financial hardship, they may not be able to afford food for their pets. Donating pet food to a local food pantry is an easy, satisfying way to directly help pets and the people who love them.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Find a local pet food pantry. Check with your local pet shelter or rescue to see if they run a pet food pantry and if they are accepting donations. You can search for local shelters and rescues here. You can also search online for “pet food donations near me” or “donate pet food” and the name of your city or state.

  2. Ask local food pantries if they accept pet food donations. Many food pantries that help hungry families also accept and distribute pet food. To find food pantries near you, type in your zip code at and click on the food icon, or type in your zip code at Food Pantries Near Me.

  3. Donate food directly to people in need.
    If you know of a friend, family member or neighbor who needs help covering the cost of food for their pet, you can always donate pet food to them directly.

  4. Donate money so that a shelter or rescue can purchase pet food. You can purchase pet food online, or donate funds to purchase pet food, for a local shelter or rescue at