Donate to pet care

It’s heartbreaking when a pet is sick or in pain. Unexpected or emergency veterinary care can be expensive and for many families it can add an undue burden on their finances. When you help local families cover their pets’ health expenses, you’re helping the pets in your community live long, happy lives in loving homes.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Reach out to a local veterinary clinic or hospital. If you have a pet, start by contacting your pet’s veterinary clinic or hospital to see if they have a fund to which you can contribute to help with the medical expenses of a local pet in need.

  2. Check with local pet organizations. Search online for local pet shelters and rescues. Visit their website to see if they have a fund for veterinary care to which you can donate.

  3. Support vet care assistance programs in your state. Use the Banfield Foundation’s resources for pet owners to find a list of organizations that offer vet care assistance in your state. Visit an organization’s website to check if they accept donations for veterinary expenses of pets in your community.

  4. Set up a fundraiser for a pet in need. If a friend, family member or neighbor needs help covering their pet’s veterinary bills, offer to help organize a personal fundraiser. Crowdfunding websites like Waggle and GoFundMe make it easy to set up a webpage to collect donations on their behalf. Banfield Foundation’s resources for pet owners lists additional crowdfunding sites.

  5. Donate toward the veterinary care of one of Waggle’s pets in crisis.

  6. Inform local veterinarians about the AVMA's REACH™ Animal Care Program, which provides grants to veterinarians who are current AVMA members and who have already provided discounted emergency veterinary medical care for an animal whose owners are experiencing financial hardship.