Give to pets and people

Show your support for pets and people in your community. Find out how to give money, time and supplies. For local community service agencieswhich include food programs for petsvisit

How to show your support

  1. Donate money to organizations that support people and pets. Many shelters, pet rescues, food pantries and social service organizations rely on donations. To give, visit the organization's website and click on "Donate." If your employer has a matching gifts program, your gift could make an even bigger impact.

  2. Set up a personal fundraiser. Want to make a difference on your next birthday? Ask friends and family to donate to your favorite pet shelter or rescue, or social service organization, in your honor. If you know someone who is struggling with veterinary bills, crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe make it easy to set up a webpage to collect donations on their behalf. Help a friend or neighbor in need—and their pet.

  3. Donate your time. Interested in volunteering with a local pet shelter or rescue, social service organization or food pantry? Check their website for volunteer opportunities. There are many ways to get involved, both in person and from home. Hands-on volunteer tasks include walking dogs, socializing cats, stocking pantry shelves and fostering while pets await adoption. Remote roles include website, social media and fundraising help. Put your skills to work for people and pets!

  4. Give supplies. Pet shelters and rescues, food pantries and social service organizations need pet food and other supplies on an ongoing basis, and they accept donations from the public. For updates on what a local organization needs, check to see if there’s a wish list on their website, or at You may be able to order supplies online and have them sent directly to the organization.

  5. Used supplies are useful, too. Many pet rescues and shelters accept clean, gently used blankets, towels and newspapers, among other things. You can donate all kinds of used supplies, including pet food, treats, toys, leashes, beds and crates, to people in your community through Nextdoor and free giveaway groups. Some social service organizations may also accept certain supplies. To find out what donations an organization accepts, check their website.